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Step by step, we'll explore the tools, materials and best practices in building your very own professional-style hand/rod puppet.

My Puppetry Journey

Building puppets and creating shows for my company Up In Arms over the years, I've learned how to make engaging, functioning, professional-style puppets. I like to teach everyone to simplify the process, allow yourself to make mistakes and enjoy the journey as I break down my methods in an easy-to-learn course.

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Great Instruction

"It's really magic creating and watching it become. I highly recommend for connecting with your inner child. It's beyond crafting, it's creating art!. Great instruction and so much FUN!" - Semaj
Testimonial from live class


"It was such a pleasure to learn so much, and make a puppet with you. I appreciate the generosity of knowledge you shared." - Sophia
Testimonial from live class


"I had a lot of fun learning how to build a puppet and look forward to further exploring the craft." - Alli
Testimonial from live class